Welcome our valued members to WorkFlow!

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our Members for trusting and choosing the workspace at WorkFlow, a place to accompany your development, where “Flow eats your day”.  We’re excited to welcome you into the WorkFlow Member community.

The policies and rules below are established with the desire to make information transparent and clarify expectations, aiming to build a good common environment for WorkFlow Members, where each Member can develop and success.

We would like to emphasize that it is very important to carefully read and understand the regulations before registering and using WorkFlow products and services. This helps ensure that each Member clearly understands and complies with the regulations, thereby creating a civilized and professional co-working space, while respecting each person’s privacy.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience at WorkFlow and always feel satisfied with our services.

Please contact us if you require any further information or assistance. Once again, welcome to WorkFlow!


This Membership Policy (“Policy”) is part of the Terms and Conditions of Service for users using WorkFlow services of Work Flow Joint Stock Company (“WorkFlow”), to understand our regulations on activities, rules, policies, and Membership rights when using services at WorkFlow provided through branches, business locations, WorkFlow applications and all other available interactive channels.

This Member Policy may be adjusted and modified, Members should visit and check regularly to update the most recent changes. WorkFlow reserves the right to amend, supplement or adjust the terms of this Policy at any time through publishing updates on the WorkFlow’s official website and/or displaying on the WorkFlow’s application.

By continuing to use our products and services after the effective date of changes to this Policy, Members signify their acceptance of the content of such revised and updated Policy.


WorkFlow aims to not only be a service provider, but also a community that unites to build a value-sharing and balanced workspace. With that goal, we commit to:

  • Provide quality, transparent products and services that meet the information agreed upon before registration.
  • When you become a WorkFlow Member, you will receive support not only from the Customer Care department but also all WorkFlow departments in the process of using our products/services.
  • Secure the personal information you provide to WorkFlow.
  • Listen to your opinions and feedback, and continuously improve our products and services based on your contributions. In the process of continuous development and improvement of WorkFlow, there will be times when we cannot fix or completely resolve your problems or requests. However, we are committed to always doing our best to provide the best overall experience possible.


General terms:

  • Registration: when you need to purchase WorkFlow product and service packages, specifically Membership Packages and Hourly Packages; and use as needed with benefits and usage period depending on the specific package.
  • Reservation/Confirmation: applicable when using the device – please make a reservation with a specific location, time and duration, to use WorkFlow’s space and facilities, such as making reservation for Flow POD / Meeting POD / Member-only Common Facilities / Event Venue (workshop), or when you need to send information and confirm before using the service, for example using the

Names of products/services at WorkFlow:

  • WorkFlow devices include: Single/Double Flow POD, Desk (02 types of desk: standard desk & smart desk), Smart Locker, Printing, TV screen, speaker, microphone .
  • Membership Packages: Includes 2 types: Standard Package and Premium Package with information provided in the service price list.
  • Hourly Packages: Buy a multi-hour package at a discounted price to use WorkFlow utilities such as Flow POD, Meeting POD and Desk (for Members only).
  • Foods/drinks: optional according to the available Menu, members will only have Office lunch/dinner menu at preferential prices.
  • Workshop/Event: Rent a location at WorkFlow to organize events by session/day.

Account on Mobile Phone Application:

–          An individual can have multiple accounts on the WorkFlow application, including: personally identifiable accounts, and personally identifiable accounts associated with organizations/companies. Members, please select the appropriate account before using.

1. Registration & Payment Policy:

1.1. Registration & Payment:

a. Register to buy Membership Package:
  • You can register for the Membership Package by downloading and registering through the WorkFlow Application or through the consulting department. Unit price includes all taxes and fees.
  • Magnetic card: depending on your needs, you can register with the consulting department to buy a magnetic card at a cost of 100,000 VND/card, used as an alternative to WorkFlow’s phone application when checking in and out of membership areas, and use WorkFlow Member-only services. Magnetic card feature information might be updated at different periods.
  • Account authentication:

To ensure the security of your account, at the time of purchase of a membership package, WorkFlow may ask you to authenticate your account by providing: Full name, Phone number, Email and Photo. Please refer to WorkFlow’s privacy policy for users.

  • Registration is confirmed successfully when the customer make full payment before using the service.

* Steps to register to purchase Membership Packages at the WorkFlow application are as follows:

b. To purchase a new Membership Package or adjust your current Membership Package:
  • The method to purchase additional Membership Packages after the old Package period ends is similar to purchasing the Package for the first time mentioned above.
  • How to buy additional Membership Packages before the old Package period ends, you pay the difference = Cost of the new package – (cost of the old package/term (months) of old package) x number of used months.
  • There are 02 specific cases as follows:

o Case 1 – The cycle has not ended:

  • You can continue to use the remaining benefits in the old package cycle until the cycle ends, and choose a suitable time to activate the new package (but not more than 30 days from the time of registration).

o Case 2 – The cycle has ended:

  • You will stop using the old package and choose a suitable time to activate the new package (but not more than 30 days from the time of registration).
  • You can upgrade the package yourself or buy a new package via the WorkFlow phone application. In case of adjusting to a lower package (downgrade), you need to contact WorkFlow’s Customer Service – Membership Growth department for support:
c. To purchase a hourly package:

Hourly package includes:

  • Additional Desk Packages: WorkFlow Members Only.
  • Flow POD/Meeting POD package: You can register for the Flow POD/Meeting POD hourly package independently of the Membership Package. Preferential levels will be applied separately.

d. Methods of payment:

There are 3 payment methods for you to easily choose from:

(1) Payment via WorkFlow mobile application:

  • Applicable: for Payment of Membership Packages and Devices (Flow POD, Meeting POD, or Desk Package).
  • Depending on the type of product or service applied; You can choose to pay by Credit, or electronic payment gateway such as VNPay / Momo.

(2) Bank transfer:

  • Applicable: for payment of Membership Packages and Devices (Flow POD, Meeting POD, or Desk Package), in case you need support from our consultants regarding Product Packages/ service.
  • Please pay to the account:

+ Account name: Work Flow Joint Stock Company

+ Account number: 1128611268

+ Bank name: ACB Bank – Ho Chi Minh Branch

+ Transfer content: Full name + Phone number (reservation phone number). For example: Manh Phan – 0123456789

(3) Pay at the counter:

  • Applicable to customers who make transactions at the counter, this method mainly applies to payment for our food and drinks.
  • You pay by cash, or bank transfer, or domestic bank card/Visa/Master Card to WorkFlow staff at WorkFlow location’s cashier counter.

1.2. Cancellation policy after registration:

Applicable to Membership Packages and Hourly Packages:

(1) In case you register via the WorkFlow phone application, the time of registration is also the time of activation. Then, unless otherwise agreed, 100% refund if canceled within 24 hours after registration.

In case you register through the WorkFlow Consulting Department, unless otherwise agreed, 100% refund if canceled at least 5 days before the package activation date; No refunds if canceled within less than 5 days from package activation date.

You will receive your refund within 24 hours if paying with WorkFlow Credit and within 7 to 30 days if paying via bank transfer.

In all cases, no refunds will be applied if you have already started using the product/service.

(2) If you have started using the package, there will be no cancellation or refund, except for members with packages with a duration of 3 months or more (Individual customers) and packages with a duration of 6 months or more (Organization customers), using up more than 1/3 of the purchased package term. Please kindly contact the Customer Service department for further support via email: Policies may be subject to adjustments at different periods.

2. Activation & usage policy:

2.1. Membership Package:

a. Regulations for activating and using the package:
  • WorkFlow’s Membership package has a minimum term of 01 month (30 days), equivalent to 01 cycle, and a maximum of 12 months (equivalent to 12 cycles).
  • Membership Package benefits have a validity period of one cycle, calculated from the date of package activation, and are reinstalled after the cycle ends.
  • In case you register via the WorkFlow phone application, the time of registration is also the time of activation.
  • If you register through the WorkFlow Consulting Department, after registering for the Membership Package, you can activate the package for a maximum of 30 days. In case of activation later than 30 days from the date of package registration, WorkFlow will charge an additional fee of 200,000 VND (In words: Two hundred thousand VND) / per month from the 31st day, but not later than 06 months from the date of activation. Cases of non-activation after more than 6 months will be considered cancellation at your own reasons of the package and no refund will be given.
b. Defer Policies:
  • Unless otherwise agreed, Members can temporarily suspend package usage and reserve when the following conditions are met:
  • Members with Packages of 3 months or more (Individual Customers) and Packages of 6 months or more (Corporate Customers). You can only defer a maximum of 02 times/Membership Package for an individual or a group/company. The defer fee is 200,000 VND/month/member but cannot be defer for more than 6 months (1 month = 30 days), except in cases of defer due to force majeure as prescribed by law.
  • This policy does not apply to Members using the Fixed Workspace Package (Private Area), or Experience Package (S-Trial and P-Trial).
  • Applicable:
  • New Membership Package term (adjusted) = Reactivation date + total number of unused Membership days from the defer start date.
  • Except for force majeure cases, in case the maximum defer period is exceeded (06 months) or the Member fails to complete the obligation to pay the defer fee (more than 03 days late), the Membership Package will automatically be reactivated.

2.2. Booking/Confirmation of Device usage:

a. Booking Devices
  • You are required to make a reservation and confirm use (check-in) before using the device (desk, single/double Flow POD, Meeting POD).
  • You can reschedule the use of the device at least 06 hours before use. If after this time, please cancel the device usage schedule and make a new appointment.
  • Please use the correct device as booked so as not to affect the use of other Members.
  • In case of device cancellation:

(1) Desk (applicable to Members only): Hours will not be deducted when the Member cancels the reservation before the time of use. Cancellations and hourly refunds/refunds are not applicable if you have already started using the product/service.

(2) Other devices such as Flow POD, Meeting POD (applicable to Members and non-members who need to use the service):

  1. The fee will be 100% refunded to the payment method the customer has chosen if the reservation is canceled at least 24 hours before the time of use.
  2. The fee will be 100% refunded via Credit method in WorldFlow mobile application according to your account if the reservation is canceled at least 6 hours in advance and less than 24 hours before the time of use.
  3. Fees will not be refunded if booking is canceled within 6 hours of usage time.
  4. In all cases, cancellations and hourly refunds/refunds are not applicable if you have already started using the product/service.

2.3. Non-transferrable:

  • You are not allowed to share your account on the phone application or phone number with any other person when using WorkFlow products/services in the Membership Package, or Hourly package, unless agreed by WorkFlow. In case of violation, WorkFlow has the right to stop providing services to the violating account.

2.4. Termination of Membership:

The Membership Package terminates when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The Package term ends with though the need to renew.
  • When Members violate Customer Policies and/or Regulations issued by WorkFlow.


1. Operating hours:

  • WorkFlow at 195/3 Hai Ba Trung, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City:

Opening hours: From 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday every week, except for holidays and New Year as prescribed.

  • WorkFlow at 39 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City:

Opening hours: From 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every Monday to Friday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday; Except for public holidays and Tet holidays as prescribed.

  • Every month, WorkFlow will reserve a number of days to prioritize membership space to organize workshop activities. In addition, periodically quarterly or annually, WorkFlow may have building and space maintenance repairs. WorkFlow will send notifications about these events/activities so that Members can proactively arrange their working time.

2. General regulations:

  • Maintain public order, do not make noise, speak loudly, or swear in common areas. Particularly in the desk area, members should pay special attention to the volume when exchanging information to avoid disturbing other members around them.
  • Treat individuals/groups/organizations working at WorkFlow and other WorkFlow customers/partners peacefully. All disputes should be resolved by negotiation, avoiding abusive behavior, causing offense to those who are using the WorkFlow base service.
  • Do not arbitrarily enter or leave areas without permission.
  • Do not arbitrarily open audio devices to cause disorder in the common area.
  • Please rearrange tables, chairs and/or other WorkFlow-owned furniture before leaving or leaving.
  • Maintain hygiene and protect the general landscape.
  • WorkFlow is a non-smoking building, you must not smoke except in some allowed spaces. If violated, you will be fined 500,000 VND (In letters: Five hundred Vietnamese Dongs) for each violation.
  • Do not bring pets into WorkFlow.
  • Do not arbitrarily change the shared workspace at Workflow.
  • Do not arbitrarily use the Building’s assets for personal purposes without the consent of the Building personnels.
  • When using property, machinery, and equipment, it is necessary to use the correct function and turn off the equipment when finished using it. Be conscious of preserving common property, saving energy, and avoiding waste. Violations will be handled according to WorkFlow’s regulations from time to time.
  • You are responsible for preserving all personal belongings. WorkFlow does not accept any liability for loss, theft or misplacement of any personal belongings.
  • If you find furniture, items, or property left by someone else, please return it to the Barista counter or contact WorkFlow’s customer service department for instructions.
  • If you discover that you have left furniture, items, or property at the WorkFlow facility, please contact the Barista counter or customer care department immediately for assistance.
  • Acts of destroying equipment, facilities, and structures of the Building are strictly prohibited.
  • Theft or theft of property of individuals/groups/organizations within the Building is strictly prohibited.
  • Transporting in and out, storing banned substances, toxic substances, flammable and explosive substances into the Building.
  • You shall not, whether voluntarily or as a result of pressure/suggestion/request from any person, to reduce prices, and/or bribe and/or kickbacks and/or give special treatment to any WorkFlow employee or the employee’s family member.
  • You will not, whether voluntarily or under pressure/suggestion/request from any person, give any gift or invite to participate in any form of entertainment to any WorkFlow employee or a family member of that employee, if the gift or entertainment is founded on an attempt to influence the judgment of the recipient.
  • Other prohibitions according to the provisions of law.

3. Open area:

  1. F&B Area
  • Area for customers using WorkFlow’s food service. WorkFlow members do not consume food or beverages not provided by WorkFlow in this area.
  1. Garden Area
  • Green space outside the building, for customers using WorkFlow’s food service. WorkFlow members do not consume food or beverages not provided by WorkFlow in this area.
  • Ornamental plants and decorative objects in the garden are arranged by WorkFlow in accordance with the general landscape. Please do not arbitrarily change the arrangement or prune, remove leaves, break branches, or pick flowers from plants in the garden area.
    1. Devices: Single/Double Flow PODs, Meeting PODs
  • POD in F&B space: Only use unscented water & food provided by WorkFlow.
  • POD in Membership space: Only use unscented water & food.
  • Meeting POD: You only use food and drinks provided by WorkFlow.
    1. Pantry area
  • Area for WorkFlow Members to use for common activities (resting, eating, socializing, etc). Particularly at noon (11:30 – 1:30 pm) and evening (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm), this area will be for WorkFlow Members to dine and Members can use personal food and drinks (not provided by WorkFlow).
    1. Workshop area
  • Every month WorkFlow may reserve open space or Meeting Room space to organize events of WorkFlow, WorkFlow customers or WorkFlow partners. Other areas outside this space still operate normally, and we will have support staff to guide you when using products/services at WorkFlow during the event.
    1. Parking lot
  • You can park your car at WorkFlow’s parking lot or the parking lot provided by WorkFlow partners and pay the parking fee yourself (if any).

4. Space reserved for Members:

Some notes when using shared workspaces:

  • Open and close doors gently when entering and leaving the work area.
  • Turn off the external speakers of transceiver devices or use personal headphones.
  • Please do not make calls/online meetings inside the common working area.
  • Limit exchanges and arguments that affect people around you. When there is a need to discuss/debate, members please discuss outside the office area. In case it affects the common working environment, we would like to remind you and look forward to receiving your cooperation.
  • Self-check and collect personal belongings when leaving the work area.
  • Clean up your seating area and arrange tables and chairs neatly before leaving.
  • Leave the work area when WorkFlow operating hours have ended.
  • Eating and drinking: Members only use drinking water and odorless food in the work area.
  • When you need to use the printing room, please contact the Customer Service Department – Membership Growth from Monday to Saturday (except holidays and Tet) for support.

5. Regulations for handling violations:

  • Violations are understood to be violations of customer policies, and/or space use regulations, and or damage to property.
  • In addition to cases where specific penalties are stated, all remaining violations of rules will be handled by WorkFlow depending on the severity of the violation. Below are some common measures, including but not limited to:

+ Oral and/or written reminders (no more than 3 times);

+ Send reminder letters/emails, make records and impose administrative fines. The penalty will be in the form of a fine, deduction from the Member’s account or reduction of corresponding benefits according to WorkFlow’s regulations from time to time (no more than 02 times);

+ WorkFlow, for the sake of fairness to members and protecting its legitimate rights and interests, has the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract and refuse to provide services to Members for a period of time or permanently without compensation. Often any costs and/or refusal to provide service in cases of violation and have been reminded more than 3 times but there is still no willingness to cooperate in remediation.