About WorkFlow

WorkFlow is the solution to the need to find an immediate effective working space for each individual – where the intersection between the dynamism, openness and comfort of a specialty coffee space and concentration, private, fully equipped modern office space – to help each individual quickly achieve a state of energy-rich concentration (Flow state).

Customers coming to WorkFlow can freely choose a workspace according to different work needs and preferences quickly and flexibly through the application of real-time booking technology and automation.

Our core values

Real time booking

Securing your space where and when you want it without committing to any long term subscribing.


Choose your space, your time, your drink to help you enter your work flow in just a matter of minutes


Knowing exactly where your drinks come from, the history of your barista or the source of your coffee bean.

Rating base

All ratings come from real users, therefore you won’t have to deal with advertising or brand sponsor contents.


A very careful design pod to help users have their privacy whilst emerging in a high energy and creative space. With real time booking technology and minimum one hour commitment, WorkPod can help users to enter their work flow easily with just a few minutes in app without commitment like in other co-working solution.

Single WorkPod

Double WorkPod

Meeting Room

Virtual office

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Specialty coffee community

Understanding that to a lot of people, coffee is an inseparable part of work,
Work Flow opened its first location as a café which houses 5 first Flow Pods. We curate the best sources of coffee beans and barista hoping to share with you the excitement of Vietnam’s 4th wave of coffee and with your rating, we aim to start a dialog between real coffee and real coffee drinker experience.

Coffee with clear origin

Contactless order

Choose your own favorite barista

Online barista rating

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Download the app and experience a high-performance workspace with WorkFlow!

A technology application that books the workspace: fast, easy, economical and intuitive in real time.