02 locations:

195/3 Hai Ba Trung Street,
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
086 995 5573

39 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street,
Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City,
Ho Chi Minh City

033 368 0099

What does Workflow Focus Space have?

Coffee space on the 1st floor

The 1st floor is a coffee space with a bar in the center, suitable for those who like a vibrant environment with a little noise and immerse themselves in the seductive scent of coffee.

Or enjoy coffee in the airy outdoor space under the trees every morning or late afternoon.


Single Pod

Private working space, perfect for one person to concentrate and complete tasks.

Double Pod

The private workspace for two people is ideal for discussions, interviews, coaching, and more.

Meeting Pod

Meeting room for 4-10 people, fully equipped with modern amenities: smart TV, AC, flip chart, wifi, power sockets…

The ideal workspace for

WorkFlow Space
Flow Eats Your Day

 Standard/Premium Working space


Convenient and high-quality F&B area


Outdoor relaxation area


Regular community activities

  • Premium desk equipped with smart electrical outlets
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Check-in/check-out technology via app
  • Natural lighting


The workspace area is dedicated to Standard Members, with full amenities and ensured necessary privacy for you to work for extended periods.

  • Premium adjustable desk
  • Premium ergonomic chair
  • Secure locker
  • Check-in/check-out technology via app
  • Natural ligh


Private and ultra-comfortable workspace for Premium Members.

Spacious, high-end equipment, natural light, and panoramic views create an ideal working environment for you to tackle your tasks with intense focus yet full of inspiration.

Private Room

The office space is suitable for 4 to 8 people, offering an inspiring
environment and equipped with professional features unique to WorkFlow.

  • Supporting businesses in arranging flexible spaces
  • A professional, creative, and collaborative work
  • With its central location, it offers easy accessibility.
  • The integration of multiple services is convenient for
    meeting partners and clients.
  • Cost-saving benefits include exclusive member services
    such as lunch, relaxation rooms, and a pantry.

Outdoor Green Area

Special privileges exclusively for WorkFlow members


Use the Standard or
Premium workspace

Utilize all shared facilities:
relaxation area, resting
room, entertainment,
outdoor greenery

Given priority for networking
and knowledge-sharing
events: workshops,
coaching, exhibitions,…

Utilize the F&B services
and book a WorkPod at
the café area on the
first floor at a
discounted price

Join the Membership WorkFlow community today to develop together and create beautiful values!


The workshops conducted at
WorkFlow Focus Space

Workshop Series

“Accelerate with less panting”

is the opening series workshop for WorkFlow’s Body – Heart – Mind activities in an effort to provide comprehensive health care and connect knowledge for the WorkFlow member community.

01 November 10th


A little slow down – Body takes shape. An “individual who understands himself” so as not to cause confusion and drain his energy.

Self-understanding (Nov.10.23)

Speaker: Hoang Manh Hai


Hoang Manh Hai

02 November 25th

Speed Up

How to stay steady and accelerate on a steep climb?

Speed Up (Nov.25.23)

Speaker: Vu Duc Tri The


Vu Duc Tri The


03 November 09th

Finish The Line

After completing a strong phase, you are still ready to take action with renewed energy and experience.

Finish the Line (Dec.09.23)

Speaker: Luong Thi My Hanh


Luong Thi My Hanh

Workshop series


03.09, 23.24 & 04.06.24

Sharing meeting