1. Comply with the State’s contents and programs on e-commerce management and e-commerce development

2. Do not perform the following acts:

2.1 Violations on e-commerce business activities:

a) Organize a business and marketing network for e-commerce services, in which each participant must pay an initial amount to buy the service and receive commissions, bonuses or economic benefits other than mobilizing others to join the network;

b) Taking advantage of e-commerce to trade in counterfeit goods, goods and services infringing upon intellectual property rights; goods and services on the list of goods and services banned from business;

c) Taking advantage of the name of e-commerce business activities to illegally raise capital from other traders, organizations and individuals;

d) Providing e-commerce services or monitoring, evaluation and authentication services in e-commerce without registration or license;

dd) Providing e-commerce services or monitoring, evaluation and authentication services in e-commerce that do not match the information in the registration or licensing dossier;

e) Committing fraudulent acts or providing untruthful information when carrying out the procedures for notifying the establishment of an e-commerce website, registering an e-commerce service provision website, registering or applying for a license of e-commerce websites; monitoring, evaluation and authentication services in e-commerce.

2.2 Violations of information on e-commerce applications:

a) Forging registration information or failing to comply with the regulations on the form and specifications of registration information disclosure on the e-commerce App;

b) Using logos of credit rating programs for e-commerce applications without being recognized by these programs;

c) Using links, logos or other technologies on the e-commerce application to cause confusion about the relationship with other traders, organizations or individuals;

d) Use the link to provide information that is contrary or misleading to the information published in the App area where this link is attached.

2.3 Transaction violations on e-commerce application App:

a) Performing acts of deceiving customers on the e-commerce App;

b) Forging information of other traders, organizations and individuals to participate in e-commerce activities;

c) Interfering with the operating system and Internet browsers at electronic devices accessing the website in order to force customers to save the website against their will.

2.4 Other violations:

a) Stealing, using, disclosing, transferring, selling information related to business secrets of other traders, organizations or individuals or personal information of consumers in e-commerce when without the consent of the relevant parties, unless otherwise provided for by law;

b) Forging or copying the interface of e-commerce websites of other traders, organizations or individuals for profit or to cause confusion or loss of trust of customers towards traders, organizations or individuals. there.

2.5. Other rule

We do not sell, share or trade your personal information collected on the App site to any other third party.

Personal information is only used to:

  • Provide information related to products and services that the Company provides
  • Process orders and provide services and information through our app page at your request

Your order details will be stored by us but for security reasons you cannot request such information from us.